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There’s no two ways about it, trying to compete in the digital space is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year the number of people competing rises as do the costs, so why is this? Well think about being able to pinpoint someone who would really love to use your product or services, they’re searching and are willing to buy, so the ability to show this person your message and lure them over to your site credit card in hand. That’s the dream of every retailer, product or service provider and they’re each competing to show their ads.

That’s what PPC (or pay-per-click) is. You place your message in front of a potential buyer, at exactly the precise time when they’re looking to make a purchase.

However, there’s a lot more to bringing in traffic than meets the eye. Success requires skilled professionals to create captivating ads and using the right keywords. thorough research, split testing, adjusting and scaling etc. Here at ReyDesign, we have found our very own successful formula and we’ll use it to help you elevate your business.

of people search with Google
of shoppers click on Google ads
of ad traffic are more likely to buy than regular users
Pay-Per-Click Services

Promoting through PPC lets you buy premium slots for appropriate keywords on the likes of Google (Adwords) or Microsoft (Bing) and their associated sites. Through a host of different ad formats you can access your preferred audience from many different angles. Our pay-per-click management services here at ReyDesign provides you with the freedom to use a complete set of PPC formats which brings an immediate influx of visitors to your pages.

google text ad graphic

Text Ads

These type of ads are the most common and the one most people recognize. You find them before the organic results at the top of the page. They give a preview of your company and it’s also possible to connect directly through smart phones.

  • The ad shows a preview of your company
  • Can connect directly with phone
  • Text ads show at top of the search pages

Display Ads

Display ads can utilize other forms of media such as text, images, video and rich medie that appear throughout the Google Display Network of which over 2 million website participate and have places where the ads will show.

Therefore your ad can be shown in a variety of locations, such as within a recipe on a blog, on the sidebar of a page or news story or a section of a phone app.

  • Various forms of media can be used
  • Shown throughout Google’s Display Network
  • Good way of pushing promoting your brand
google display ads graphic
google remarketing ad graphic

Remarketing Ads

You may have seen these ads before, think about a time when you added a product to your cart only to change your mind and leave but then everywhere you seem to go, you see an ad for the same product you placed in your cart on Google, in blogs, social media and just about anywhere. These ads are known as remarketing advertisements.

  • Shown to visitors of your site after they’ve left
  • See them wherever you go

Google Shopping Ads

These are shown above the search results. The advertisement shows product pictures, pricing and information about the shop.

  • Displays product picture, cost and vendor information
  • Is shown before the search results
  • Large click percentage
google shopping ads graphic
Still not sure about PPC?

Virtually any business can harness the power of PPC to stake a claim within their industry, for expansion or to scale, PPC is the vehicle that could turn it into reality. Pay-per-click is a continuous process that if done correctly, should return an ongoing positive ROI. Regardless of how big or small the business is, or at what stage it’s at – (startup to stock launch), good PPC will deliver.

Once setup, ongoing adjustments to the campaign and settings while keeping abreast of your industry and competition is of the upmost importance. Be under no illusions, good pay-per-click management requires a lot of skill and dedication, which is why our team here at ReyDesign are the best of the best. We collaborate with you to gain insight into your field of work to comprehend your clients, which provide insight into what they’re looking for, so we can utilize the best targeted advertisements which lead to conversions.