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High Performance Advertising

There’s no two ways about it, trying to compete in the digital space is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year the number of people competing rises as do the costs, so why is this? Well think about being able to pinpoint someone who would really love to use your product or services, they’re searching and are willing to buy, so the ability to show this person your message and lure them over to your site credit card in hand. That’s the dream of every retailer, product or service provider and they’re each competing to show their ads.

That’s what PPC (or pay-per-click) is. You place your message in front of a potential buyer, at exactly the precise time when they’re looking to make a purchase.

However, there’s a lot more to bringing in traffic than meets the eye. Success requires skilled professionals to create captivating ads and using the right keywords. thorough research, split testing, adjusting and scaling etc. Here at ReyDesign, we have found our very own successful formula and we’ll use it to help you elevate your business.


Text Ads

These type of ads are the most common and the one most people recognize. You find them before the organic results at the top of the page. They give a preview of your company and it’s also possible to connect directly through smart phones.

The ad shows a preview of your company
Can connect directly with phone
Text ads show at top of the search pages

Display Ads

Display ads can utilize other forms of media such as text, images, video and rich medie that appear throughout the Google Display Network of which over 2 million website participate.

Therefore your ad can be shown in a variety of locations, such as within a recipe on a blog, on the sidebar of a page or news story or a section of a phone app.

Remarketing Ads

You may have seen these ads before, think about a time when you added a product to your cart only to change your mind and leave but then everywhere you seem to go, you see an ad for the same product you placed in your cart on Google, in blogs, social media and just about anywhere. These ads are known as remarketing advertisements.

Shown to visitors of your site after they’ve left
See them wherever you go

Google Shopping Ads

These are shown above the search results. The advertisement shows product pictures, pricing and information about the shop.

Displays product picture, cost and vendor information
Is shown before the search results
Large click percentage

Our  Guarantee

We Deliver on Schedule

Quick turnaround times with no delays. When we say we’ll finish – we finish. We get it done.

Competitive Prices, High Quality

You’ll struggle to find anyone who does it better for less. Top quality work at affordable prices.

Complete Satisfation

Our goal is to provide exceptional work at all times, regardless of the size of project.


“Andrew is very professional and a master of his art. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a copywriter to look no further. I can’t emphasize this enough. LOOK NO FURTHER!” – Vitali

“Andrew has been fantastic. I had a vision, and he helped it come to life. But more than that, he’s a critical thinker. He thought of some unique and effective ways to better communicate with my buyers. Simply said, this guy is very intelligent and goes the extra mile.” – Clayton

“Everything has been great, he is a real pro and always takes time to go the extra mile and explain thoroughly his thought process. Couldn’t be happier. Will work with again for sure.” – Thomas

“I am really impressed by the knowledge you possess and I cannot wait to watch this entire journey unfold – it’s going to be something amazing!” – Mikey

“Working with Andrew has been a real breakthrough. After spending years in trying to develop a product and marketing it with little success, Andrew was able to take what is present and pinpoint it to a well-constructed new online product. Working with Andrew is one of the best calls made lately.” – Yaron

“He has great knowledge on SEO and is taking me to places I have not been and I am learning so much from him. Looking forward to more of his advice to come you must work with him! very highly recommended. Many thanks.” – Dale

“Andrew is very professional with great communication. He is deliberate with his marketing tactics and implements these with great attention to detail.” – Beth

“Andrew is super communicative and fast. He’s hard working, good expertise and I feel like he will always go for the extra mile for any of his clients. He delivered as expected and beyond!!” – Dani

“His expertise turned my digital campaign around within 1-week; their input is First Class.” – Jonathan

“Fast and responsive to needs of social media project. good organization. will work again” – Amon

“He did an excellent job. It was easy to communicate with him and he did everything faster than I would expect.” – Giedre

“It’s great working with Andrew, very responsive and knows my market.” – Lukas

“Really helpful and worked hard to get all the targets achieved, he even fixed problems even when finished, high-quality work and look forward to working with him again.” – Atif

“Andrew went above and beyond the scope of work.” – Matt

We’d Love to Help

Whether you need a simple resume page or you have a 6-figure monthly advertising budget, we’re here for you.

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