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Forbes reported recently how big brands cut +$1BN on ad spend and saw NO CHANGE… while smaller brands lowered budgets yet experienced improved engagement and bigger profits!!!

Updated: 15th June 2024

Dear business owner,

When companies like Proctor & Gamble, Uber, Chase, and eBay switch off hundreds of millions of dollars in paid ads, yet it doesn’t affect their results… then you might be wondering if you’ve been wasting your money on PPC advertising

And in a sense, since you’re here looking for a solution, I’ll take the liberty of assuming your past efforts didn’t go as well as you hoped… so, the answer is probably yes, BUT NOT because paid ads don’t work.

Smaller companies also reduced ad budgets, purchasing fewer impressions, and lowering overall ad spend, yet they saw improved conversions and bigger profits!

What that demonstrates is… without a TRUE expert running your advertising campaigns, you’re literally dousing your money in petrol, and lighting a match to it!

The millions of ‘so-called’ paid ads ‘specialists’, are NOT all that special… in fact, many haven’t even reached the level of mediocrity!

As you may have heard me mention, one of our clients is a PPC legend… he has the largest YT channel for teaching FB ads, he manages the biggest community of FB ads students in the world, and he’s paid +$2k/hour to consult for businesses around the globe.

He’s the definition of an expert.

Many of his YT students go on to become freelancers, some even start their own ad agencies based on the knowledge they pick up from his videos… yet the content on his YT channel is only basic to intermediate, as he reserves the advanced material for his ‘paid courses’.

From what we saw while performing research to help him promote his advanced course, was many of his students were running profitable campaigns for clients, so they were relatively successful even with basic/intermediate training…

Which isn’t all that surprising given they’re learning from a legitimate guru and following the methods he’s had so much success with over the years!

However, they only have a small amount of experience, and once they encounter unforseen problems, they’ll run out of ideas and this becomes dangerous for their ‘unsuspecting’ client, who has NO CLUE they’ve hired an amateur.

They’ve placed their trust in their ‘ad specialist’, given control of their ad budget, typically a significant sum, and left the novice to their own devices

So, when things start to head south…

It’s the Client Who Pays the Price…

Because they’re literally taking all the risk and footing the bill to give these amateurs real-life (hands-on) experience, at the potential cost of their own business and livelihoods.

Even if they didn’t encounter too many problems, or they managed to find fixes on YT for issues that arose…

As eBay, Uber, and all the other big names (that cut over $1BN in ad spend and realised nothing actually changed), will testify… your ads will perform better and cost you much less if run by a legitimate expert

And how many of these ‘overnight’ ad specialists do you reckon could truly optimise your ad campaigns to be wildly profitable with minimal spend?

That was rhetorical BTW, the answer would obviously be close to ZERO!

This is a big reason why you need to be on high alert when hiring an ad specialist… it’s also the main reason we don’t bother posting ‘stats’ or ‘screenshots’, and instead we prefer to provide an unbeatable guarantee that no other agency dare offer

You see, part of the reason those aforementioned companies (large and small) saw increased performance while saving significant money came as a result of solid optimisation…

Along the way, they discovered much of their wasted budget was the result of ‘bots and phony traffic that spent their money on affiliate network clicks, without the slightest bit of interest in their products, causing high bounce rates and wasted budget.

So, not only do you end up paying for traffic that couldn’t care less about you… your performance is affected too…

As these spammers bounced, it convinced the algorithm the ads were ‘irrelevant’ and ‘low-quality’, which came with FB penaltiesraising the cost per impression and lowering ad visibility across the platform etc.

What you must realise is… even with poor performance, stats can be deceiving and manipulated to look ‘exceptional’ if you focus on particular aspects, like in the case of the extra $1BN spent for ZERO improvement… the traffic and CTR would still look amazing etc…

Therefore, the worst marketers in the world can still claim false credibility while providing services that LOSE money for their clients!

So Why Trust Us?

I could sit here and tell you about the amazing results we achieve, and the countless happy clients we’ve served…

I could impress you with the number of collective years’ experience our team has…

I could tell you how we’ve perfected strategies that profitably make money for companies in over 100 niches, while managing hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend

I could also blow you away with spectacular results we’ve delivered with massive ROI’s etc…

BUT you shouldn’t judge an advertiser only on their claims…

And even though we’re legitimate, if you were to ask us for proof, we could easily mislead you with selective data, or fake Photoshop results if we wanted to…

It’s not like we can give you access to our clients’ accounts so you can see for yourself… we’d be violating so much more than their trust if we did!

The ‘proof’ is easy to fabricate, and stats can be presented in a way that mislead you, so we don’t advise you put too much faith in that system…

Instead, we go further than most advertisers and promise to beat your existing campaign… or if you don’t have one, we guarantee to deliver profitable ROI from your ads.

If we don’t, then we WON’T CHARGE YOU A PENNY!

Even if we did fail to beat your old campaign (extremely unlikely), then it would probably be a close call… so, our ads will still make you a ton of money

Meaning, you still make all that profit, except you wouldn’t pay us, so you’d get it for FREE!

Not many marketers would stick their neck out like that, making themselves accountable for their claims…

But that’s because most of them don’t have our experienceknow-howtrack record… or confidence to ALWAYS deliver… something we’ve gained through years of consistent performance

You can be sure no amateur would make such a bold promise, and you can also be certain no mediocre advertiser would either… so that will help you clear the fog and eliminate potential risk… although, you’ll probably find that leaves US AS YOUR ONLY CHOICE! 😉

We’re taking all the risk here… we’re literally promising to make you money, otherwise we don’t get paid, which isn’t a great business model for inept media buyers… in other words, we wouldn’t have lasted very long if we weren’t one of THE BEST!

So, you have one less thing to worry about knowing we’re gonna make a ton of money for you, while you place all your focus on what you do best.

We Select Our Clients Very Carefully…

It would be professional (and financial) suicide if we offered our promise to anyone.

Some businesses are doomed to fail no matter how good the marketing is, and we’re not gonna risk our money or reputation by promising to sell fridge freezers to Eskimo’s!

But from years of running successful ad campaigns, we’ve developed a ‘sixth sense’ when it comes to identifying winning offers

And obviously when we’re providing a guarantee your ads will perform better with us… then we need to have as much confidence in your product as you do.

Additionally, we take into consideration things like your budget, your funnel setup, and your messaging etc. because if those aren’t right, then it effects your overall chances of success too… in which case, you might be better off with our ‘Funnel’ or ‘DFY’ services, as we control the entire process and create all the assets ourselves.

The good news is, if we believe we’re compatible and accept you as our client, then your chances of success have NEVER BEEN HIGHER!

Do you want your ads to perform better than ever before?

Do you want to spend less money to make bigger profits?

Do you want your campaigns to be managed by experts who’ve spent +$100M on ads over many years, while perfecting strategies in over 100 niches?

Do you want the assurance of a guarantee that only an elite advertiser could offer?

Then what you waiting for?

Get in touch RIGHT NOW! 👇