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There’s no escaping from the fact that social media plays an important role in today’s society. Approximately 1 in every 4 people around the world are using social channels such as Facebook and Instagram – that’s 2bn people!

It’s therefore no surprise that due to such global reach that these platforms have turned into a precious resource for companies. You may not be tweeting, sharing images on Instagram or posting funny cat videos on YouTube but the majority of your audience are.

And this is where we come in, successful social media marketing requires a greater understanding than simply adding content to a channel. Posts require research, optimization and analysis as there are no one size fits all solutions. Dedication and perseverance are the order of the day.

Find Your Audience with Precision

Paid marketing on social media provides some benefits over the more established PPC advertising on search engines.

Using social media to advertise gives you the ability to pinpoint people, occupations, abilities, affiliations, age, gender, places, crafts, interests and many others.

You focus on the person, not the keywords, which enables you to find a particular group of people that you’d prefer to target.

Social Media Work Never Ends

Material posted on social media, is in effect temporary. Therefore, to keep the attention of the people that are interested in your business, you need to keep the posts coming.

But the material you post is only a fraction of what you need to focus on.

Pro content, organic scaling, and audience engagement



Some channels, posts are only viewable by a percentage of the people following your page. So it is often worthwhile to boost a post and have it shown to a larger portion of followers. Promoting videos, blog posts and images of top quality can help you extend their visibility to your followers.

Increase your audience
Ideal for top quality content
Enhance visibility

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