We’re not currently taking on new clients


2020 has been an extraordinary year that we will never forget.

It has been a trying and testing year, and so many of us have experienced tragedy in some form or another.

My family are no different for we’ve suffered sad and tragic loss due to the pandemic that has been crippling the world – our hearts go out to those who have lost someone during this difficult time.

But despite personal trauma, professionally, it has been a breakthrough year for me and for ReyDesign.

Our services have been phenomenally successful and as a result, they have been in huge demand…

So much so that I’ve been keeping a waiting list, but even that has become too long to manage, and we simply won’t get around to servicing everybody on there.

As a result, we have stopped taking on clients via the website indefinitely until further notice.

Any clients we do accept will be personally selected and invited by me, so unless you’ve received an invitation, we’re truly sorry but we can’t help you at this time.

Please check back occasionally to get the latest information regarding this situation.

Wishing you success and good health for now and the future.

Kind regards,

Andrew Reynolds

CEO ReyDesign