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Social Media

Our Social Media team work tirelessly to boost your business by building brand awareness, developing relationships and increasing website visitors.

Building Awareness

You need followers to build your brand but they have to match your company’s target demographic. It’s easy to add followers but if you want your followers to add value, then we must make sure they share your company’s interests. And this is what we do extremely well.

Develop Relationships

Once we’ve added the followers, it doesn’t end there. We have to engage them and nurture them to earn their trust whilst keeping them interested in your brand. The more likes and comments we can encourage from your audience, the stronger your bond becomes which ultimately results in more sales.

Increasing Site Visitors

The ultimate goal is to get these followers to your website and buying your products/services. Some of this is achieved with our marketing services, while we can also do this through enticing content and growth.

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Social Media Management

Social media is a mammoth task, especially when done well. Regular content must be created for each platform and each post takes on average an hour to create. Then it needs to be scheduled and posted to the relevant channel. If you’re looking for maximum exposure, then 1 post per day per social channel is recommended but this is extremely time consuming and only constitutes the creation aspect of management!

Engagement is essential for building a strong bond between your brand and your audience, without it, they may as well not exist. Unless you encourage them to engage, then they won’t become familiar with your company and the trust required to ultimately lead to sales won’t develop. Engagement must be relevant and frequent to build relationships with your followers. But all this takes time, and lots of it.

Whatever your requirements, our team of experts will help you extract the most out of social media to lift your business and take it to the next level.

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Content Creation

Content definitely matters no matter what you’re doing online. And it’s a fact that, not only does content improve your credibility and reputation but it also improves your ranking, whether that be a blog, a website or social media channel.

Virtually every business has some form of created content but in our experience, very few of those businesses really commit to creating fabulous content, the type that really makes a difference. And it’s a big surprise to us, given the huge influence and importance content has over the entire online ecosystem.

On the other hand, this is hugely advantageous to both your company and to us as we can create content that sets you apart from everyone else and especially from your competitors.

Written content; We can provide content for any platform, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc..- We will research your company, your niche and your audience to compose the most compelling work to captivate your followers.

Visual content: Sometimes it’s a simple photograph, whilst other times it could be a completely unique illustration. There are platforms that are mostly visual such as Instagram and Pinterest. Whatever it is you need, our talented team of Artists and Designers will help your visual content stand out.

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Instagram Growth

We’ve developed a unique strategy for growing Instagram accounts that stays on the good side of the algorithm, whilst finding real followers that are targeted to your brand/niche.

Your account will be managed by one of our specialists, who will implement effective strategies including finding perfect follow sources, specific hashtag research and utilizing the perfect comment strategy.

When effectively combined by our specialist, your account could be gaining as many as 500-1500 new organic followers per week.

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We will review your brand, audience and message you’re delivering to develop a unique and bespoke strategy that will benefit your business.

We will share our findings and recommend the most efficient way of applying them smoothly.