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Studies have shown that communication is only 7% words, the rest is non verbal such as body language and tonality.

But that applies to other forms of communication also. How many times have you bought a magazine because the front cover looked good? We focus first on the design and then on the finer details.

We’re huge advocates of beautiful design, not only from an aesthetical point of view, but also as stunning design catches peoples’ attention.

Once you’ve caught their attention, which is the most difficult aspect of marketing, then you can begin to develop trust. And if you combine that with amazing design that captures their affection, then you’ve laid most of the groundwork for the steps that follow – regardless of your goal.

Simply put, beauty sells – we’ve heard that before, so why should we think a website, food packaging or an Instagram post should be any different?

The truth is, it’s no different at all. Whatever it is you want us to do, we’ll first make sure it looks great.

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Despite us living in a digital age, there is nothing quite like handing over stunning printed materials to advertise your message or services.

For when you need that ‘WOW’ factor, and when you want to leave an impression that will never be forgotten, sometimes it’s just better to do it in print. Brochures, flyers, posters, book covers and more.

We will help you get your message across in style. For stunning design and spectacular results, look no further than ReyDesign.

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Website Design & Development

As the focal point of your business, your website delivers your message loud and clear to your visitors.

While you focus on what to say to them, we’ll make sure their eyes pop out with the design.

Combine robust functionality with stunning graphics and you have a recipe for success.

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Food Branding & Packaging

Unfortunately, products don’t put themselves into a customers shopping trolley. Amazing as that would be, the next best thing is to make a product stand out and say TRY ME.

That is our domain and with our fabulous team, we can design packaging that makes people want to try.

The rest is up to you – if you want them to come back, you’d better make it good!