Get Noticed Locally

Attract local customers and be the focal point of your town
Staying on Top is no Walk in the Park

Google constantly updates their algorithm for local business results which means being successful with local search can be a challenge. Focusing on a single element search won’t be very effective in today’s marketplace. If you want to stay above and on top of search results, having a local SEO strategy will go a long way for your business. 

At ReyDesign, our SEO team is passionately dedicated to local search and are highly experienced, which means we know a lot about driving the best results to your business. We’re always keeping up with every change and making sure that our team is able to adapt through it. 

We also believe in the importance of staying connected with our clients so that we can work together in delivering an effective and outstanding digital presence for your business.

Understanding the Local Search

With years of experience in local search, we know what strategies will work best to give your business the most effective results. We’ve gained an understanding of Google’s algorithm changes throughout the years and are equipped with the proper knowledge in how to drive success to your business’ digital presence. 

Our flexibility, adaptability, and passion for local search has allowed us to study and implement numerous local search strategies. We know that the algorithms will always keep changing which is why we’re always learning to give you the best results.

of Google searches are local
visit the business a day after searching
of local mobile searches are converted to an in-store purchase