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The Smart Influencer

Let your followers catapult you to success
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There's a big opportunity awaiting - are you gonna grab it?

You’re making lots of money for the sellers who put their products on your feed.

Maybe it’s time to start making money too!

Are you ready to start making money for yourself?

The smart answer is yes, find out how you can take advantage as well.

Influencers are in an ideal position to build a successful business
But not many know how to

Utilize your following. Why not make the most of having a good following? Sure, it’s great that you can sell shoutouts to advertisers. That allows you to work from anywhere and brings with it a steady living but is it long-term? Is it guaranteed? Are you squeezing every last drop out of this opportunity while you can? If you’re sat wondering what the answer to those questions may be, let me save you some time. The answer is NO to all.

Now is the time to be taking FULL ADVANTAGE of your position as an influencer. You already have followers who buy other peoples’ products from the ads you post – so why not influence them to buy your own?

If you don’t have any experience with eCommerce, then it’s very easy to fail and make mistakes that can cost a lot of money but don’t let that scare you. There are huge opportunities which you can take advantage of and experience UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS if you have a team behind you who know exactly what they’re doing.

We’re that team and helping INFLUENCERS SUCCEED is what we do best, so what you waiting for?

How do you propose on making me successful?
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We'll build you a store
We do everything from product research, store setup, ad creation, social media management, digital marketing and manage it. See our eCommerce service for more details.
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We'll utilize your followers
Once the store is up and running, we target your audience. We will subtly introduce your products and sign up followers onto a mailing list so we can send out regular promotional emails
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We'll grow your business
With targeted marketing, we have the extraordinary ability to reach unlimited audiences worldwide. We take your business to the next level with increased sales and increased exposure.
  • Why do I need to complete a survey?

    To ensure the highest possible chance of success, we need to qualify candidates based upon criteria which we’ve determined over time.

  • Why have you placed me onto a waiting list when I wanna start now?

    Our eCommerce service is highly sought after. We provide the best possible service and treat each business as if it was our own. We commit huge resources into running each and every business while at the same time, our eCommerce team is small but made up of brilliant and trusted members. Therefore we can only work with a handful of businesses at a time and due to demand, there’s a waiting list.

  • How long do I need to wait?

    That all depends. You’ll be placed on the waiting list which gives you time to think everything over before fully committing to the project. Should you decide you want to proceed then you can make your intentions known to us. We will then request a deposit to place you in the queue. Once in the queue, it’s typically 2-6 weeks until we’re ready to start your project.

  • Can you guarantee success?

    No, we can’t and don’t guarantee success, though we have an excellent success rate.

  • Have you ever failed?

    No. Because we have such a stringent selection process, the chances of failure diminish considerably, therefore we have only tasted success. Failure is still possible, we don’t like to mislead people but we’ve never failed.

  • How long does it take?

    It takes as long as it takes until it’s deemed successful

  • What's successful?

    Successful is a business that is up and running and making a profit.

  • What happens after it's deemed successful?

    That choice is yours. You can either take over and run it yourself or we can continue to run the business for you. Alternatively, there are a number of bespoke options inbetween. We do whatever you want us to do.

  • Do you take care of tax?

    No, we’re not qualified to handle taxing issues. We are exploring the possibility of affiliating with an accountancy firm but for the time being, that responsibility is with the client.

Are you eligible?
Fill out this quick survey to help us determine if we can assist you or not